“Ballad, Droplet of Color, and Longing” Collective Exhibition

13th to 23rd of October 2023 at the National Cotroceni Museum

Today was an unforgettable day!

I participated in the opening of the exhibition ‘Ballad, Droplet of Color, and Longing,’ brought as a tribute to Ciprian Porumbescu.

It is organized by the Association of Visual Artists from Bucharest, at the National Cotroceni Museum.

I was present with two icons. I thought about the religious dimension of the composer, the son of a priest, who himself pursued theological studies.

On the other hand, I want to convey a very clear message.

We all know about the inhuman events that have taken place and continue to unfold in this period. Educating children in the Christian spirit is essential to make them good human beings.

Atheists forget a fundamental aspect: I don’t even care about what they believe or don’t believe. We need values, instilled in us from a young age.

I prefer to be indoctrinated with ideas of love for others, empathy, tolerance, and helping those around us.

The world would be much better and more beautiful.

This is what Christianity is about. It is the only religion that prioritizes the value of each human being individually.

The paradox of God: He loves each of us the most.

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