“Aquaticum” Personal Exposition

1st to 9th of October 2022 at the National Museum of Romanian Navy, Constanta


It is an exhibition very dear to my heart, where I explore the aquatic universe from as many perspectives as possible. I am fascinated by water. It is a vital element, making up approximately 70% of our body composition, and we cannot survive without consuming water for more than two or three days. Water has a unique, complex, and meaningful beauty. It is the element that cleanses, purifies, and renews. I perceive it as alive and associate it with life. The first nine months of our existence are spent in a liquid environment, specifically in the amniotic fluid in our mother’s womb. It is the first environment we encounter, where we grow and develop. I believe that’s where my pleasure in swimming originates because I feel that there, in the water, I return home. It helps me release and overcome various fears, such as the fear of death. It reveals to me a world full of hope, a strong belief in purity and resurrection.


The opinion of art critic Geta Deleanu

The exhibition by Viviana Nițu represents a new approach that keeps the creative spirit alive from the first exhibition, using colors full of freshness, accuracy, and sincerity. It unveils unprecedented cosmic realms where the aquatic element fuses with light in a diaphanous and vibrant manner. The compositions are complex, depicting the chromatics of water as an essential element of life, ranging from deep blue to tonal gradients that naturally describe the sun’s rays sending light into space. Several seascapes such as “The Promised Land,” “The Boat Beyond the Mist,” “Water in the Desert,” “The Trap” smoothly and subtly transition from figurative to abstract space, the latter being closer to the highly original style of the artist.” Viviana Nițu’s works exhibit well-defined accuracy and clarity, a testament to a sincere and pure soul that opens its dreamy and colorful world to the viewer, expressing the aspirations of divine purity that any authentic artist would want to convey. The works captivate the viewer, making them resonate in harmony with the lively and optimistic feelings of the artist. The exhibition itself is described as a beautiful and harmonious composition in an original and authentic style.



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