Guest of Honor at the Cultural Press Agency

,,Art plays an extremely important, vital role, I could say, in our evolution as human beings.

Therefore, art plays a vital role in our lives and evolution as individuals. So, let’s always return to art. In our case, to painting. To this poetry without words, as expressed by Plutarch. We are living in special, festive days, so it’s time for me to bring a celebratory subject to your attention. It’s about the valuable paintings signed by Mrs. Viviana Nițu. I am writing these lines before the dawn of December 23, in the year of grace 2022. The gifts for our loved ones are ready, and Santa Claus is feeding his reindeer well for the very long journey that begins shortly.

Personally, I have a heartfelt gift for you. The paintings of the distinguished Mrs. Viviana Nițu. More details here:

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