My Profile

After completing my studies in psychiatry, a long and beautiful journey of understanding the complexity of the human being unfolded. My profession entails possessing the ability to see and identify imperceptible things that are seemingly in the foreground of reality. Through deep exploration, which involves powerful emotions, communication, empathy, I seek the truth within us.

Nearly 15 years of experience in this field have compelled me to share my discoveries. Painting is my most familiar language. Since the age of 25, I have been painting icons with the same passion and love. Now, I paint canvases that capture our emotions, our human condition. My works involve an interaction and appreciation of the viewer, a challenge for a complex search where each will find their own answers.

From a young age, I have been fascinated by painting, by its incredible ability to express beauty in all its forms. With each work, I strive to get as close to the truth as possible. I choose diverse techniques to have a complex perspective, considering the possibilities of expressing my emotions and thoughts. I paint icons using natural pigments mixed with egg emulsion, applied on a primed wooden support with a layer of gold leaf. For painting canvases, I have chosen acrylic paints, alcohol-based inks, and epoxy resins. I use them individually or in combination. Diversifying these techniques, I have discovered a rich world, full of subtleties and joys.